This summer I wanted to sharpen my music transcription skills on guitar (ie: not looking at tabs for songs, but instead figuring them out by ear). There are already a lot of good programs to help with transcribing (Transcribe! for example), but I didn’t feel like I needed the full feature set of a program like that. All I wanted was to be able to load a song and

  • Skip forward / backward by seconds
  • Mark song sections and replay from marks
  • Slow / speed up the tempo

Basically, all things something like mplayer does, but with an interface focused on transcribing music. Using the mouse is frustrating when transcribing, so it would have to have decent keybindings too.

So far, it’s come pretty close to what I imagined. It’s a simple ncurses tui with vim keybindings for typical song actions (play, pause, mark, etc). The only thing not yet implemented is the tempo changing.


cscribe main screen

And a list of keybindings:

cscribe help screen

Source on Github